The Power Of Your List

Let me tell you a story about an imaginary system. It doesn’t exist. Let’s say an electrician is using it to make his life easier and actually have customers knocking on his door and calling him on the phone and telling their friends about the electrician and the amazing skills he has. Again this system doesn’t exist, but this electrician loves waking up in the morning because this system can help him predict what his revenue will be the following week and the following month. His wife is thrilled because he gets to write a check for their family vacation and when it comes time to send junior off to college, they don’t have to take out loans because this system provides them the kind of life they used to only dream about. But remember this system doesn’t exist.

And it’s good it doesn’t exist, because you’re going to tell me that this system costs too much, I don’t have the time for it, I’m not stopping what I’m doing even though its not effective. But here’s the thing. It does exist.

But you’re going to still tell me that you can’t do it, it’s too expensive, you’re not going to make the small adjustments in your business to put the system in place, you’re not interfering with your day. But with this system you could literally push a button and do transactional sales over and over and over. It all starts with the power of your list to be able to push a button and do transactional sales. Let me explain. A list is people you have on file who have purchased from you, that you can make another offer to and then another. So that every week or every month you can make the cash register ring.

If you don’t have a list, in order to be able to do this you should be list building. We can help you accomplish that. Here’s the thing, what everybody tries to do is go find “Cold” traffic. Meaning, people that don’t know who you are and have never purchased from you before. Cold traffic is really hard to do for anybody and I’m an expert at it. Expert because I’ve delivered over 5 million impressions for various businesses. They do get some clients, but it’s never at the rate they dream of.

This is what usually happens. A person comes in, they buy from you and they leave. You don’t collect their name, you don’t get their address, you don’t build a relationship with them, you don’t put them in a CRM, you don’t keep providing them offers. You don’t ask them about their kids. You have no relationship with them other than the one time transaction. They were “one and done”.

But next week you wake up and go, that guy came in a month ago, why the heck isn’t he coming back? I haven’t heard from him. Does that sound like a sensible way to conduct business? Well, let’s change that. Imagine instead, a guy comes in and you say, “thank you for shopping with us today. I’ve got 3 gifts for you. Do you want them?

Here’s the first one. (could be a coupon) The 2nd gift (list of ways you can save money) and you send them to that person over the next 3 weeks with the idea that it’s going to make their life better in some way, and you want them to tell you about it.

They also get invited to various parties. One for their dog, one for their birthday and one

at Christmas. We take care of you”. So, imagine if a company treated you like that, what would you think about that company?

Well imagine if you were doing that for each of your customers. What would they say and think about you and tell others?

You see, when your list grows; ( you probably don’t have a list now so that doesn’t make you any money) but when your list grows, when you get one hundred on your list, you might get 10 that buy, if the value is there. If you get thousand on there, you might get 100 to buy again. So if one hundred people buy a 97 dollar product or service from you each month, (I don’t care what it is) how much money are you making? So, now you get 3000, 4000, or 10 thousand people on your list. Every month you can push a button and make sales; this isn’t counting the fact you’re doing other offers too. You could even form a club, or a VIP program. That’s what’s called building an Enterprise with a strategic marketing program.

Yes, all of the tools it takes to do it, we have and are expert in using them.

So, again this system does exist and we help a select few local businesses that do want to stop relying on random luck to get new customers and instead implement a predictable repeatable system to make their lives the way they truly want them to be.

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