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- The FREE Solution Your Clinic MUST Have In 2023 -


Plus Be Ready To Hand You Their Cash...
Before YOU Ever Open Your Mouth!

Even if you're no Zig Ziglar or Ron Popeil (I love my Veg-O-Matic)

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Looking For Patients That

  • Can't wait to meet with you because they know you can help them.
  • Happily pay top price, and know that it means higher quality.
  • ​Tell all their friends why they look so freaking amazing.
    (No, I didn't get a haircut...I lost 45 pounds!)

All across the country we've helped many clinic owners just like you.
You want to become more profitable, work fewer hours, and even have a day off once in a while.

The difference between those who flourish and those that continue to run themselves ragged and still can't pay the bills, is that the ones who flourish know how to get and keep high quality patients.


You can have those Patients -- lined up and on your waiting list. 

That's Exactly What I Show You How To Do.
Get Started Below!


This Is The Craziest Offer We've Ever Made

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Client Testimonials

"The results are "NEW PATIENTS" to my practice. Exciting! Thank you RPM Marketing. Awesome"!
~Rees Olson~

Clinic Accelerator

  • Cost To Aquire A Patient: It sucks to spend a boat load of money on Facebook ads in hopes of convincing a prospect to schedule a consultation...but then they give you the "I don't think this will work for me" blow off!
  • ​Average Value Of A Patient: In 2022 your clinic's average dream patient is worth $3000! Don't let them go somewhere else. You need the ULTIMATE Objection Terminator!
  • Past Patients Are The Best Marketers: Imagine if your most enthusiastic and successful current patient was in that initial meeting with your new "wishy washy" prospect? How could they say no? This training will show you how to do just that.
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You've been spending your kid's college savings
on ads to get people to schedule an appointment...

But more than 30% to 40% say NO to your offer at their consultation!

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Here’s What You Are Going To Get When You Purchase FREE Today

​Proven Secret Strategy To Get More "YES" From Prospects

Total Value: $497.00

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This strategy will Accelerate your clinic
(and your life) in 2023 🚀

All you have to do is be willing to follow a model
that’s been proven by other clinics.

Worst get to learn some amazing stuff along the way

Best build a Massively Profitable Clinic without getting
the life sucked out of you.

To Get Started Access our FREE Strategy:

"This Is Your Unfair Advantage To Get More Of Your Prospects Handing You Their Credit Card At That Initial Consultation"

 Even 1 New Patient Could Be Worth $3,000 To Your Clinic!

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From The Desk of: Jay Young
Re: Getting More Yes From Prospects

Hi, I’m Jay Young and I'm a "Get More Yes" specialist and former radio show host. I've helped literally thousands of businesses owners over the last 31 years.
I tried to come up with a better title for what I do, like "The Closinator". But what's important isn't my title (which I'll admit is about as smooth as my grandma's elbows) it's the results I get for my clients.
Now I use those skills to create actual "put in place today" solutions that go beyond ads, traffic and other heartache..


The Proof Is In The Pudding

(I Never Quite Understood That Saying)

"Very easy to work with"

"I'm a PT and small business owner. John at RPM Marketing shared valuable information regarding being visible. This group is friendly, responsive, and very easy to work with. They have a personal touch with the way they work online. Impressive" 

~Erin P.~

"I couldn't be happier"

"Incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and affordable...I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend RPM to any business looking for professional marketing."

~Lee A.~

"These guys do it well"

"These guys really took care of me. They seemed to truly care about my business. The personal service stood out and I believe that's what sets a business apart. These guys do it well. What a great company!"

~Eddie T.~

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