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  • Social Media Makeover: Stand out from competitors with custom social covers on your Facebook, LinkedIn, X, and Youtube channels tailored to attract people searching for your services locally. ($497 Value - Free)
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  • Unleash the Power of Video Storytelling: Engaging video showcasing your team's expertise and recent projects to build trust with potential local customers. 
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  • Maximize Customer Trust: Boost credibility by "Live Streaming" your best customer reviews on your website for visitors considering your specialized solutions. ($97 Value - *Free For 30 Days)

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  • ​You allow us to share case studies with you showing the power of Digital Door Knocking for your business.
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All We Ask For In Return Is:

  • You actually use the FREE customer conversion tools I'm giving you.
  • Give me feedback on it.
  • Leave a killer review if you think it deserves one.

97% Of Website Visitors Don't Take Action

No clicks, no calls, just virtual footprints fading away.

Maximize Your ROI

Stop losing valuable leads! Our retargeting techniques ensure that your brand stays top of mind, bringing back potential customers who showed interest but didn't seal the deal.

Boost Conversions

Studies show that retargeted ads can increase conversion rates by up to 150%! Capitalize on the familiarity your brand creates, nudging your audience to take that crucial next step.

Strategic Timing

Strike while the iron is hot! With retargeting, you can display ads at the perfect moment, reminding potential customers about your offerings when they're most likely to convert.

Advantages of incorporating monthly video ads

  • Visual Appeal and Engagement: Videos are inherently more engaging than static images or text. They capture attention quickly and hold viewers' interest.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Video content has the potential to reach a wider audience, increasing brand visibility.
  • SEO Benefits: Video content can improve the website's search engine optimization (SEO) by increasing dwell time and reducing bounce rates.

Display ads can offer numerous benefits

  • Targeted Audience Reach: Digital display ads allow businesses to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Increased Website Traffic: Integrating compelling calls-to-action in ads encourages users to visit the website for more information or to make a purchase.
  • Promotion of Solutions and Offers: Digital display ads are effective in highlighting a business's solutions, products, or irresistible offers.

Social Media
Makeover solutions

  • Enhanced Brand Image: Professionally designed cover images create a visually appealing and cohesive brand image across all social media platforms.
  • Increased Engagement: Regularly updating cover images keeps the content fresh and encourages followers to interact with the brand's pages.
  • Reputation Management: Showcase positive reviews, testimonials, or achievements on the cover images to build trust and credibility.

Hear From Our Regulars

"Took the stress out of advertising"

Having a small family owned HVAC business in Flordia can be stressful and competitive. There are many organizations offering the same services, and finding ways to promote your business and set yourself apart from larger companies can be daunting. I was lucky to contect with John from RPM Marketing Group to help take the stress out of worrying about advertising and learn new strategies to reach our customers! The information and services John has provided have already been invaluable and he is such a pleasure to work with. With the help of John and his team at RPM Marketing Group I am feeling more confident going into 2024. Thank you John for all your hard work; we are so excited to work with you and the team!

~ASAP AC and Refrigeration

"I am now a loyal customer!"

Jay was easy to talk to, ready to answer any questions I had, and extremely helpful throughout the entire process, I am now a loyal customer! And know significantly more about what I need to do moving forward to make sure I and more importantly my reputation is being leveraged to it's fullest!

- Jaime Osborn

"Looking forward to a long business relationship"

We met with John Crowder today, and he was so helpful. He explained his services to us and patiently answered all of our questions. Indeed a great experience! Looking forward to a long business relationship. Totally Recommend! P.S. - Added bonus is John looks like Clint Eastwood!

- Sonia Santos

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