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Digital Door Knocking (Be the First Call When Homeowners Need Your Services)

Friday, April 19, 2024

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Be the First Call When Homeowners Need Your Services

Okay local contractors, listen up! I'm about to let you in on an innovative new way to make sure your business is the first one homeowners think of when they have an urgent need for what you offer.

We all know that feeling when something goes wrong and you desperately need to find a plumber, roofer, hvac company, or remodeler right away. Maybe the basement springs a leak, the kitchen is stuck in the 1970s, or your heat konks out in the dead of winter. For most homeowners, that need only arises when a very specific situation pops up unexpectedly.

But here's the issue - if your business isn't already at the top of their mind when that happens, you'll likely miss out on being the one they call for the job. That's why you need to get in on the "Digital Door Knocking" strategy while it's still fresh.

This lets us use some pretty crazy targeting tech to make sure your ads and company info gets directly in front of homeowners in super specific areas - I'm talking zip codes, neighborhoods, even individual addresses if you want! You can get crazy specific with who sees your ads based on real addresses and locations. No more wasting money on uninterested people!

Whenever someone in those targeted areas hops online and starts desperately searching for a contractor to handle their emergency repair or remodel project, BOOM, your business is right there front and center. You're reaching homeowners at exactly the moment they're looking for what you provide. Talk about perfect timing!

With Digital Door Knocking, it's like we get to be the modern day digital version of knocking on doors to let every homeowner know about your services. Except rather than just blindly going door-to-door, we make sure to hit them when they already have an urgent need that you can fulfill.

This gives you a huge leg up on being the contractor who gets that initial call and lands the job. Trust me, for every lead you lose to a competitor because their name popped up first, there's a homeowner out there who hired them because you just weren't top of mind when their situation came up.

I've only got a handful of spots left for free strategy sessions to show local contractors how Digital Door Knocking can make you the obvious first choice. Simply text "KNOCK KNOCK" to 909-957-4749 and I'll get you on the calendar.

​Don't let another lead slip away just because your business wasn't front and center when that homeowner needed you most. Get in on Digital Door Knocking now to be the first call they make every time!